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providers / hcs


HashiCorp Consul Service (HCS) on Azure enables your team to provision HashiCorp-managed Consul clusters directly through the Azure Marketplace. As a fully managed service, HCS on Azure lowers the barrier to entry for your organization to securely connect services and route traffic across a mix of Kubernetes/AKS and virtual machine environments - while offloading the operational burden to the experts at HashiCorp. HCS on Azure is the easiest way to implement service mesh and secure service-to-service communication for your AKS clusters.


Example Usage

provider "hcs" {
  version = "0.2.0"

  # azure_client_certificate_password - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_client_certificate_password = null
  # azure_client_certificate_path - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_client_certificate_path = null
  # azure_client_id - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_client_id = null
  # azure_client_secret - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_client_secret = null
  # azure_environment - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_environment = null
  # azure_metadata_host - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_metadata_host = null
  # azure_msi_endpoint - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_msi_endpoint = null
  # azure_subscription_id - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_subscription_id = null
  # azure_tenant_id - (optional) is a type of string
  azure_tenant_id = null
  # azure_use_msi - (optional) is a type of bool
  azure_use_msi = null
  # hcp_api_domain - (optional) is a type of string
  hcp_api_domain = null
  # hcs_marketplace_product_name - (optional) is a type of string
  hcs_marketplace_product_name = null